An anxious Torchic and classically amnesiac protagonist Eevee take a shot becoming a Rescue Team. Also something's screwy with the world at large, but one step at a time.


These comic pages are not part of any chapter

Ch1: Amnesia

Milo wakes up as an Eevee to a Torchic and they plan to form a Rescue Team! You know how it goes in these games/

Ch2: Mt. Steel

Milo and Riley set out to become a Rescue Team! ...Maybe.

Ch3: Mt. Steel (But for real this time)

It's time to head up to Mt. Steel to take on a mission to prove themselves worthy of being a Rescue Team!

Ch4: Training

Team Plasma starts training with their new mentor, and Milo starts learning more about this place he's found himself in

Ch4.5: Days Go By

Slices of life from the timeskip in Chapter 4

Ch5: Sinister Woods

Milo's Team gets sent to Sinister Woods with another guild team to gather some hard to get berries. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

Ch 6: The Rain Dance Festival

The team comes back from Sinister Woods just in time for a fun festival!